About Us

We at My-Way Transportation attribute our success to a few basic fundamental principles. We firmly believe our greatest asset is our people. Professional people have been the foundation of our company from its inception. Working together as a team has proven beneficial to all of us over the years and we trust it will continue to for many more years to come. Together we have attained many of our goals and elevated the mark for others. At My-Way Transportation, customer service is the only 'commodity' we sell. The mechanism we use is prompt, courteous delivery for our customers across the country.

Our Team

  • President - Seth Hooper
  • Vice President - John Henry
  • VP of Sales & Operations - Danny Jowers
  • Controller - Angie Carroll
  • Credit Manager - Cindy Ryan
  • Billing - Amanda Lynn
  • Shop Billing - Tsahani Drowningbear
  • Outbound Dispatch - Danny Freeman
  • Inbound Dispatch - Jon Jennings
  • Fleet Manager/Dedicated Operations - Zared Mayfield
  • Customer Service - Theresa English
  • Inbound Operations - Krystal Phillips
  • Inbound Dispatch/Customer Service - Brady Gorman
  • Recruitment/Marketing Coordinator - Brett Tubbs
  • Safety Manager - Josh Pugh
  • Recruiting, Safety & Warehousing - Riley Hancock
  • Warehouse Manager - Ken Green
  • Receptionist - Melia Sims
  • Service/Shop Manager - Lawrence Duffy
  • Truck Shop Supervisor- Matt Gobble
  • Trailer Shop Supervisor- Luke Bagwell
  • Parts Manager- James Golden
  • S&L Leasing - Rufus Bledsoe

Here at My-Way, we strive not only to be the leader in Transportation, but a staple in our community and a provider of excellent service and employment. We currently specialize in transporting dry-goods in all 48 states, with emphasis on the Mid-West and East Coast. We work hard to ensure the best service, while taking the time to make our operation safe and efficient. We have held a steady "Pass" rating with the FMCSA, and intend on working hard to keep it that way.